Parent Input

An informational brochure detailing all the items we have available to use in the library will be given to all the students the first full week of school.  This brochure has a “permission slip” meant to help us guide your child’s check out privileges in the library.  Some parents wish their child does not have access to certain types of books, so this permission slip helps me safeguard your child and help them find the best books for them.  If you need to change your child’s access at any time, please contact me via email at

Check Out

Students visit the library once each week and are allowed to check out two books per week.

If a student does not return their library books, they will not be able to check out.  Students are responsible for replacing books that have been lost or stolen.

Audio Books 

Students are allowed to check out audio books ONLY when paired with the corresponding book.  When students listen as they read along in a book, they improve both fluency and comprehension. Students may only check out ONE Playaway and book at a time.  Playaways can be quite expensive, ranging from $35 to $95, depending on the length of the book.  Students are responsible for replacing any item if lost or stolen.

Students may use their own ear buds or purchase ear buds for $2 in the library.

Lexile Levels Now on Spine Labels

Our new district reading initiative has adopted the Lexile Framework to show the readability of books in the library. The Lexile Framework is a scientific way to match a reader’s ability with text using the same scale. Lexile measures connect learners with resources of the right level of challenge and a clear way to monitor progress toward college and career readiness.

LVISD Student Lexile measures are noted in educational products including iStation and STAAR. Lexile levels are also found in the TexQuest and EBSCO databases and Encyclopedia Britannica articles.

If you would like to learn more about the Lexile framework, look at the “Introduction to The Lexile Framework for Reading” YouTube video at (video is approximately 6:08.)